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We take pride in our construction work.

At GHC we take pride in doing a job right, which means building without taking shortcuts. We stay up to date on the latest building codes, materials, and building technology. Below is an example of real client testimonials.

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: 7-Eleven at Sunrise West

" ...I am most proud of the quality product that you have delivered and would invite anyone to view your work as an example of what is most likely the best looking convenience store in Florida...you have some of the best personnel with whom I have ever worked..."

- D. Morse

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: Mobil, for Himes Assoc. LTD

" ...The quality of construction has been without question the best in the South Florida market..your organization of the equipment...has allowed HImes Associates to reduce our staff...and pass on the reduced overhead expenses directly to Mobil Oil...."

- A. Weeks

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: Ireland's Inn

" ...Many thanks to your team in the fine job they did renovating the 2200 building for Fairwinds Development LLC. This project was a challenge from the start and through some long days, your leadership gave our family tremendous confidence getting this project open just as quickly as possible."

- A. Mitchell

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: McDonalds for Rio Vista Management.

" ...I have used (GHC) for both major business projects and minor personal projects. All of their work has been highly professional, completed on or before the scheduled completion date and cost effective."

- D. Ashlin

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: McDonalds for Upchurch Management Co.

" ...Gil Hyatt Construction has met the high standards required my the McDonalds corporation while proficiently providing a superior structural product They also take great measure to ensure that they perform within or exceed the required time constraints necessary for each job... "

- R. Upchurch

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: McDonalds #24278.

" ...We are very grateful to you and your team for effectively addressing the few concerns that arose during the process in a most timely fashion..Each and every promise that was made was indeed fulfilled..."

- A. Veliz

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: McDonalds for Upchurch Management Co.

" Gil Hyatt Construction has been a staple in the SOuth Florida Construction Market for over 25 years ...I have found (GHC) crew to be professional, efficient, and cost-conscience, while always striving to provide quality craftsmanship..."

- P. Wolfe

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: McDonalds for Melton Management Inc.

" Mr Hyatt has only the best construction personnel on his staff, with years of quality experience along with an office staff that keeps projects on time and in budget.."

- L. Dutro

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: Mobil

" ...The average construction time was 65 calendar days which is outstanding.. In addition, we were impressed with your firm's "attention to detail" and "high sense of urgency". I would highly recommend GHC as a General Contractor for future projects..."

- V. Rankin

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: Burger King for Phoenix Organization

" ...You exceeded our expectations.. Prior to choosing GHC every one of your references indicated that you were the best company for the project. You can now add me to that list, as the job you did was nothing short of excellent.."

- G. Levins

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: Ronald McDonald House of FTL

" ...This House was completed by the gracious efforts of volunteers, community partners such as you...This is truly the house that love built"

- S. Rivera-Moya

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: Gas Station for SBN

" It is very unusual for me as a developer in New Jersey to recommend a General Contractor to anyone. In your case it was different right from the start...Your superior workmanship and immediate control you displayed on your job was outstanding.."

- S. Geldzahler

Lettter of reccomendationProperty: Burger King for Stena INC.

"... I am thrilled with the quality of work from all the tradesman. It is rare to find the quality, commitment, and attention to detail your people demonstrated.. You also did a great job in keeping this project on budget even with the surprise changes required by the city and county.."

- S. Rottblatt

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